And what can be done to feel better? Is it the same as feeling an absence of excitement? In this post, we will look at the signs of this emotional mental state. And how they affect our day to day lives and what can we do about it.

What are feelings of emptiness

Practically, most people experience a feeling of emptiness when they’re feeling anxious. When they wonder how they’ll handle something. Or they feel uncertain about what’s going to happen next.

“I call it a paralysis analysis. In high school, I was not the brightest kid. I would freeze every time the literature teacher called me out. Asking though the question about the meaning of the poem we just read. I felt empty.”

What are feelings of loneliness

The feeling of loneliness, on the other hand, is perceived as a normal and natural part of life. It is a natural desire to seek a connection with other people and to be accepted or included in a community.

Consequently, loneliness is the feeling of disconnection, absence, or isolation. When someone is not being accepted or understood.

“I felt that way in primary school when we migrated to the Czech Republic. As a minority, I was different. I had a different skin color and I didn’t speak the same language. I felt lonely.”

What experts say

Theoretically, there are various theories on what causes feelings of emptiness and loneliness. For example. Some experts suggest that the reason you feel empty and depressed may be due to the current family situation, relationship, breakup, divorce, or a difficult or stressful job situation.

Or you might just have a bad day.

Rather than not, what causes feelings of emptiness is not a current life circumstance. But simply a mental state, a mental component of depression.

It often involves the feeling of losing control or feeling of the need to escape from the situation.

The most visible sign is having an “anxiety attack”. A sudden feeling of intense worry that you should not be in this situation at all.

When you are depressed or anxious, you may have a hard time accepting the fact that you are powerless. Meaning something is either going to happen and you can’t control it – it just happens.

You believe that whatever is causing you to feel this way is “unnatural”. You may have the feeling that God doesn’t care about you. And that the only thing you can do is do something to make it go away, like playing video games. In essence, our life situation seems so overwhelming, you become extremely sad or depressed and lonely as a result.

But the good news is that your feelings are being processed. Your brain is working hard. To deal with your negative energy and processing it in that way to make it go away.

This means you can use this time to clear your mind. And get back to your positive state and be excited about what will happen next.

What to do when you feel empty

In my experience, the most important thing you can start doing. To get rid of an empty feeling is simply focusing on your goals and take massive action. In other words, you should be positive about everything you want to achieve in your life. And as you start seeing the first results of your efforts. You will feel energized, energetic, and happy about yourself.

Write down your thoughts

As a first step, try to write your goals down on a piece of paper. The more goals you write down, the earlier you can begin to work on them.

“Paper is still the best productivity tool I have tried. No app. Even my app The Hustle, will ever replace the feeling of writing things down and furiously crossing them when the task is done.”

Do you feel, that most goals are close to impossible to achieve? Don’t give up on yourself yet and don’t be so picky about what you write down. You are an optimist and it might feel that way at the moment. But think longterm. Do not let the emptiness prevent you from taking action.

If you sit down twice a day to work on your goals, that means you are not a quitter. Quitters never sit down for the second time. All you need is just need one small victory so you can keep you going and repeat these patterns of success every day.

“I was quitter as a kid. In fifth grade, I joined a floorball class. I even bought a pretty expensive gear. After the first class, I gave up. While everyone shoots the ball straight to the goal, I missed by a large margin. It was so embarrassing I never come back.”

Visualize your past successes

Try to find one tiny victory in your life that will bring you joy and reminds you of how success feels like. And when it happens, keep a success journal so that you can look back every time you feel down.

You can use a simple tactic called “positive visualization.” It involves doing a visualization of a positive experience you have experienced in the past.

Here is how it works:

Sit back, close your eyes, and visualize your last success. Just imagine it all. Since you relived your positive experience, you will feel positive energy inside you. That positive feeling is what you want. That feeling is the fuel, that will keep you going.

“To this day, I still remember a success from winning a money prize in a student competition. It felt so great I anchored that ecstatic feeling to one of my fingers. If I need to recall that memory, I just touch my finger.”

An ultimate method to overcome the emptiness

Still not convinced about the results? Here is my proposal for you. Try this routine below every day for two weeks. I can guarantee you will see life-changing results.

The only thing you must do is to religiously follow my steps and be truthful to yourselves. So without further ado, here are steps you need to do when you sense the feeling of emptiness.

Put the cause of the feeling on paper

Sit down for five minutes. Write down every inner thought, that comes to your mind and that makes you feel empty. You should try to figure out where that feeling comes from. You might realize, that you felt that emptiness when you were stressed, frustrated, anxious, fearful, or depressed.

Maybe you had a conversation or an activity you didn’t like. You know that this feeling can come from a lot of places. And you don’t know why it came from one place or particular situation. Sometimes putting your thoughts on a paper will help you to get everything out of your system.

Start your gratitude journal

Then in the next twenty-three minutes, make a list of all things in your life that you are grateful for. Even those, that might not be very important to you. When writing down the things you are grateful for, try to remember the things that you feel positive about more than anything else.

This is the time for reflection. A time to reflect on things that make you proud. A time to reflect on the successes you are currently experiencing. This is the time for you to take ownership of your life.

Once you learn to do this regularly, you will begin doing the things you never thought you could do. In short, you will become much happier and your life will be more fulfilling. It doesn’t need to be a list full of praise, but a simple note of appreciation. You should start each day by thanking yourself for a little bit of your good fortune. You can be as subtle or as direct as you wish.

After reading your gratitude journal a few times daily, you will start to notice things that you didn’t notice before. And once you’ve picked up on these things, you can start putting them in the gratitude journal. It is a magic circle.

Take a massive action

Finally, it is time to take action: go for a walk, work on your hobby, read a book, or listen to music. The more action you take the more joy you will experience. You have nothing to lose.

Here you go. The whole secret is that you are not thinking about what makes you feel empty, anxious, or depressed. Instead, you are focusing on the things, that you can change, which will make your life better.

Be in the moment

If you are still having trouble achieving the kind of happiness and inner freedom by practicing this method. Here are some more suggestions:

Try to focus only on the present moment. I use this technique to be aware of what is real. And what is just in my head, a memory from the past, that makes me feel empty and anxious.

“The moment I stopped to focus on the past, but on the present and the future. I stopped being worried and unhappy with my life.”

Meditation is the cure

Finally, meditation is always your best bet if everything else fails. You will not only reduce your anxiety, but you will even be able to enjoy your life with inner peace.

There are some other benefits of meditation too. It promotes better concentration by focusing on your breath. Meditation can also reduce cortisol, the stress hormone. And thus prevent the loss of your memory.

All in all, meditation is certainly the best method to increase your mental, physical, and emotional resilience. You are only hurting yourself if you neglect this powerful healing tool. So keep meditating, writing down your thoughts, and taking massive action.

I hope this post was helpful. Don’t forget, those feelings are just chemical reactions in your brain and you can control it. So take charge and live a happy life. See you in the next post!

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