Have you ever thought about the meaning of your dreams and why some of them keep repeating? I did it a few times and I was like.

“Nah this ain’t make no sense!”

Of course, it didn’t, at that time. I was young and there wasn’t much going on in my life except university, girlfriend and part-time job.

But when some of my dreams kept recurring more and more frequently in my thirties. I started to ask questions again. This time I was determined to find answers by doing a proper root cause analysis.

What is a dream?

First, start with the dream definition

A dream is a series of thoughts, images, and sensations occurring in a person’s mind during sleep. And is, in fact, a reflection of your deepest subconsciousness.

Ding ding, there you go! My subconsciousness is the answer. It’s where I keep my deepest desires, that are suppressed by the everyday 9-5 grind.

To make sense of this, I need to read between the lines and confront my desires with my everyday reality. I wasn’t correlating the narrative and events in my dreams with my life. That’s why it didn’t make any sense.

Now since we cleared that up. Let’s talk about actual dreams and their meanings.

There are two kinds of dreams in total which we can distinguish from each other. The bad dream a.k.a. nightmares and everything else.

Good dreams

Everything else category is so broad. And so difficult to describe, that I will mention only two types I like the most.

Flirting dreams

Obviously, my most favorite is “The pick up” one.

It usually starts innocently with me approaching either a Hollywood celebrity. Or that redhead hot chick I see every day on the streets. Think Natalia Portman or Gal Gadot types.

I open her indirectly by asking for directions.

She responds warmly pointing to the horizon far far away.

Seeing a positive reaction I immediately start playful banter. She is suspicious and plays hard to get. I try every seduction tactic in my playbook, but nothing works out.

Flash forward the scenery disappear and we end up alone at her place. Things start to get messy and a few moments later I wake up.

Those dreams are most vivid, most conversational. And take longer than any other dreams to develop.

What does it mean?

Those dreams are most vivid, most conversational. And take longer than any other dreams to develop.

Interestingly I have complete control over narrative and storyline.

Someone would say having picked up dreams is a sign of suppressed sexual fantasies. That is partly true.

What it actually means is. It’s time to stop being forever alone, go out, meet hot chicks and connect with someone on a deeper level.

You know what. It’s a great idea unless you want to dedicate your thirties to building a business. And to maximize your potential. I haven’t met any girl who would share the same values and put up with my busy schedule.

Eureka dreams

The second place belongs to what I like to call Eureka dreams. Dream about some unsolvable issue you tried to crack the day before.

Those dreams are the fuzziest ones.

I never recall any detail. Just the feeling, that my brain cells were working hard at solving the problem I read about before I went to sleep.

Next morning I get a hunch, that I should try this or that method. And guess what, either it works. Or at least it leads to information, that helps me to choose the right rabbit hole to dig into.

Then it’s a matter of time until I research enough information to make an educated decision.

What does it mean?

Stop whatever I am doing. Grab a notebook. Capture as many ideas as I can and just take action. Works every time.

Bad dreams or nightmares

And then there are nightmares. Dreams which I have no control over

Ex-girlfriends wedding dreams

The classic nightmare scenario starts with me. Being invited to my ex-girlfriend’s wedding as a guest.

First, it is weird to be invited to your ex-girlfriend’s wedding. Second I come but I come late.

While the wedding is in full motion, I manage to sneak into the ceremony. Terrified, that someone might recognize me.

Realizing no one gives a dimme I take a step back and relax.

As my ex-girlfriend goes to the Altair, everything vanishes in the fog and I finally wake up.

What does it mean?

I guess it represents a form of reconciliation of relationships, that ended very violently. And mostly involved heavy emotional and time investment write-offs.

Such break up is followed by feelings of guilt and regret. That I let her go, that my life could be completely different if we stayed together.

There are so many what-ifs. But there is no point in living in the past. The only way is to move on and be happy for her.

School dropout dreams

There are two storylines covering my time at high school and at a university.

The high school dream always starts with me sitting in a classroom. And wondering why the heck I have to repeat a 4-year study program.

Is it because I failed to graduate? I will never know.

But after accepting the reality, I set my priorities straight. Survive for another 4 years, learn each subject all over again and finally move on with my life.

There is no story in this dream, just a snapshot of day 2-day life of a high school student. Sitting in a classroom. Running from one class to another. Hitting on my hot art teacher, pissing on ladies toilet…you know, just the usual stuff.

In the university dream, I am not repeating the whole program, but just some particular exams, that were a pain in the ass.

Each exam has 3 attempts and for no reason, I always have 2 attempts left. Probably because I forgot to book the first one in time. If I fail in all 3 attempts, they will kick me out from the university.

So I am running around campus attending mandatory classes on rocket ship mechanics. And begging university professors to extend the exam booking deadline.

What does it mean?

It is probably a reflection of me having to extend a bachelor’s degree for one additional year. Because I failed a few subjects because of the YOLO attitude.

And the feeling of time wasted doing nothing for one whole year is why It keeps coming back as a reminder. Reminder to get my shit together at whatever I am doing and finish what I have started.

Missing a flight dreams

The main theme is me planning the long wanted trip to some European country, like Portugal or France.

I want to go so much, that somehow I manage to get to the final destination.

Completely lost in the streets of Paris or Rome I am wandering around aimlessly. And Suddenly I realize, that I forget to book my return flight.

In a total panic I researching any possible way to book return flight.

First I try to google flight with my phone, but I don’t have data roaming enabled so I can’t connect to the internet. Fortunately, I find McDonald’s nearby with free wifi so I take advantage of that.

A quick look at google results reveals, that there is no direct flight. Instead, there are many flights with multiple stopovers.

Never mind. There is no other option so I rush quickly to the airport. And it wouldn’t be a dream if I didn’t come late at the airport, right.

So just the minute I enter the departure terminal, the gate is already closed. Damn.

So I take the risk and beg airport officers at the check-in booth to let me go through the priority boarding process for VIP clients. Somehow they make an exception, but I have to pass security check first.

I am nervous because my booked flight is departing just in 5 minutes. There is no chance I make it in time. The plane takes off and I miss my second return flight, again.

But wait. A cute flight attendant approaches me and reveals, that I am lucky. Because there is another direct flight. She explains its not a commercial flight, but an empty plane carrying baggage.

I accept her offer and board into a plane. I find my spot next to the cabin crew. I feel relieved that I am finally going home.

The plane takes off straight into the sunset and the moment after I wake up.

What does it mean?

One word. FOMO. Fear of missing out. It’s not about me missing return flight home.

It is about me doing what I always wanted. To travel around the world and challenging my biggest fear.

In reality, I never had longer than a month-long vacation in a foreign country. If I would do that, there is a big risk, that I might never come back.

I would stay there or continue on my way like a nomad, abandoning my family and all my friends. Abandoning security and a steady paycheck.

Types of zombie apocalypse dreams

Two main zombie apocalypse dreams keep recurring.

  1. Dream about zombie apocalypse outbreak
  2. Dream about zombie apocalypse aftermath

Zombie apocalypse outbreak dreams

The dream starts like every second generic zombie movie you can imagine. There is always the main character, who has absolutely no clue what’s coming.

In this case, it’s me on my way home from work.

Everything seems normal until I arrive at a 100-floor skyscraper where I live. My apartment is on the 50th floor, so I enter an outdoor glass elevator, press the button and sigh how my day sucked.

While the elevator is going up, something goes wrong. The elevator suddenly stops and I get stuck between 24th and 25th floor.

Not knowing what’s happening I check my phone if there’s any news about a power outage. There are no headlines about blackouts. Only breaking news about a zombie outbreak happening all over Europe.

I assume, that there are no survivors left. And the whole building is already infected with zombies. So I choose to proceed cautiously.

My survivor instinct tells me that I have to get into my apartment asap. This is the closest safe place where I can find food, resources, and tools.

But first I have to figure out how to get out of an elevator. Fortunately, I watched enough episodes of McGiver. So I magically find a screwdriver in my pocket, which I use to disassemble the elevator control panel.

By looking at the fried circuit board I figured out, that there is only one way out. I have to override elevator control protocols and reset it into the default state. This will force the elevator to go up to the 100th floor.

After fixing the control panel, the elevator goes up and stops at the 100th floor as expected.

Elevator doors slowly open, revealing that the whole floor is sitting in the dark. Occasionally illuminated by green emergency lights.

Scared I explore every inch of the floor looking for any sign of zombies. Fortunately, an entire floor is empty so its safe to proceed to the lower floor.

Because elevators are not functioning, the only way to get down is through a system of emergency staircases. I use the first one I see, but there is a zombie behind the exit door.

Never mind, I try another staircase and this time I get lucky.

Finally after trials and errors, avoiding zombies on each floor, I get into my apartment. I feel such relief. At least I am safe for now.

But it’s not over. Curious about what’s happening outside I run toward the nearest window. I don’t like what I see. The streets are full of wandering zombies and there is no sign of survivors.

Now I am trapped in my apartment, but there is no other option. Surviving the next 48 hours is crucial.

So I barricade the main door. And start looking for any supplies I need for survival like weapons, food, and medkits. This is when I usually wake up.

What does it mean?

Message is clear. Don’t be a zombie, be alive and take any actions necessary to survive. The dream about zombie apocalypse is a wake-up call so you realize, that you are slowly turning into a zombie.

A person living on autopilot. Grinding during the day at a 9-5 job, go home, eat, sleep, rinse and repeat, each day every workday for 45 years.

If everyone around you already lives on autopilot, what will you do about it?

Zombie apocalypse aftermath dreams

Two years passed since the zombie outbreak. I am wandering through a devastated and empty landscape.

Fortunately, I am not wandering alone. I have a group of anonymous teammates who travel with me. Similarly to online cooperation games they never talk or interact. They are just there with me, providing a false sense of security.

So we travel from city to city in a highly armored, but fast muscle car, probably Ford Mustang. We try to ride as fast as we can. Taking highways and avoiding hordes of zombies concentrating around suburbs.

Eventually, we have to stop at well preserved big mansion in Beverly Hills. To look for food and medical supplies. We enter the mansion knowing there might be zombies inside, probably former inhabitants.

Weaponized with just a revolver and two bullets we proceed cautiously scanning every inch and corner.

In the main hall, we split up. I take the route into the kitchen. I am nervously holding my gun, knowing with two bullets I won’t stand a chance.

I need more weapons. I could find some in the kitchen so I open one drawer after another. There is nothing useful for long-range combat so I settle with machete and toasting fork.

Being first to search my corner of the mansion I am going up to the second floor.

I let my teammates know, that I am going upstairs. There are still no signs of any zombies yet. But this won’t last long.

As soon as I enter the bedroom on the second floor I look out of the window. I notice a horde of zombies coming our way.

Oops, that doesn’t look good.

Apparently, zombies in this dream are attracted to noise. And by driving a noisy muscle car, it was a matter of time before they find our location.

There is no time to leave the mansion. Zombies enter the mansion through the back door and my teammates are slaughtered one by one. I just hear each of them screaming.

This is the end.

I can’t go down so I slowly back away into the bathroom, where I hide in a closet, hoping they won’t notice me.

Boy, I was wrong. There is no escape in this dream.

As a zombie enters the bathroom I am ready to pull the trigger. The moment after I wake up.

What does it mean?

This dream is an ultimate wake up call. In the previous dream, I realized, that something is wrong with this world. And took necessary actions to stay alive.

But for how long. This dream shows that no matter what you do, the system and society will turn against you.

Don’t want to live on autopilot? Then pay for it. Money equals freedom. Not rich enough? Too bad, take a 9-5 job.

You still have to pay taxes, health insurance. You can’t just be homeless.

It’s prohibited to stay in public places. You can’t just grow your food, land does not belong to you. How to escape this vicious circle? Make enough money so society and system will leave you alone.

Analyzing dreams is an interesting and healthy exercise. It takes a good amount of self-reflection to correctly interpret their meaning. Are there any dreams you keep having but don’t know their meaning. Share it below in the comment section.

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