Welcome to my income report πŸ’° for June 2019

In May I have earned $168 in total.

About 20% more than previous month.

This is due to 2 random sales and because I moved most of my savings to higher earning saving account.


…was my best month of the year so far.

Remember I spend 2 weeks traveling in May and suffered post travel depression after my return?

Well I almost cured myself by traveling for another 3 weeks across Baltic countries, Finland and Belarus.

Now I am out of vacation days and I have to stay in office until end of year.

Being 33 year old, I think I did maximum and full filled my traveling itch by visiting 7 countries in two months.

I experienced more fun and excitement than during last three years.

To get the most of it, I have to travel for a at least a month with possibility to explore more than one country.

It takes one week to get used to the new regime without any schedule.

It takes second week to slowly get out of my comfort zone.

Finally third week is about getting most of every situation and pushing my comfort zone to the new limits.

The con of traveling without stable home base is the exhaustion and tight time constraints.

I tried to squeeze few productive hours here and there. I even brought iPad with me in case I find an opportunity to write few words.

It was hard.

The only time I opted for writing was on the bus from Klaipeda to Kaunas and when I got sick in Vilnius.

So you can imagine I don’t have much results to show for in June.

But I will make up for it next month, I swear.


Good House Music Youtube Channel


At the time of writing this post my channel grew to 11 subscribers.

View time is primarily still driven by few evergreen mixes.

I could not upload any mixes for a month, but I am glad I get few views everyday.

Once I manage to upload more than 20 videos, I believe my daily view count will increase to more than 10 views a day on average.

The best strategy so far is doing promotion on dedicated reddit threads.

I tried to find niche house music forums, but all have strict rules for self promotion.




My first Flask MVP was left unattended without much activity.

However it happened to me on my travels, that I got contacted about upcoming product change by person from one of the banks responsible for their online product performance.

I was really surprised and thought she was an ordinary visitor.

Only after some digging on Linkedin, I realised she works for a bank.

This is even better than I expected.

She reached me by Facebook messenger, probably because we have a mutual friend and because I get ranked for their product keyword on the first page of Google search engine.

This sparked my interest in further improving Financia.cz SEO and usability.

Next month I plan to add product requirements and dedicated product pages.

First feature is the most wanted gap early users vouched for.

Second feature will improve my SEO rankings by expanding the number of crawled pages, that contains important keywords I want to target.


πŸ’°Β Income Breakdown



πŸ’°Β P2P Lending


During my travels my computer restarted by itself due to automatic Windows update.

So my P2P lending bot was inactive the whole time I was on the road.

My exposure decreased by 15% because of early repayments and because of bot inactivity.

That means my revenue P2P is not what it could be if I was fully invested.

On the risk side, one more loan defaulted.

From the nominal point of view, I probably lost on fifth of my total profit.

Still, 3 defaulted loans represents 0.63% of my whole portfolio.

According to P2P lender, their ideal portfolio aim to make 4% after fees p.a. and lose max 0.2% of the total loan count.

I think I have to watch my portfolio closely if I want to achieve same numbers.



πŸ’°Β Saving Accounts


Czech national bank kept their promises and left interest rate alone in June.

One bank saw this as a last opportunity to snatch new clients from their competitors.

They increased interest rate and deposit limits to 2%, which 26% more than my most profitable unlimited saving account.

I plan to grasp this opportunity and open new saving account asap.

Income from this new account can potentially replace lost income due to expired marketing campaigns on other saving account.

I give it 6 months until market changes and my income from saving accounts decrease again.


πŸ›’Β Sell Items Online


I got lucky in June and managed to sell a badminton set to lovely young family and swimming goggles.

I bought badminton set ten years ago when I lived near badminton hall.

My bro was still in first grade and I wanted to teach him some sports.

Badminton was a great and cheap choice.

We went together multiple times, but it never become a tradition.

Since we moved to another part of the city, there were no more opportunities to play together again.

Swimming goggles had even longer history. I bought them after I visited seaside for the first time in Italy.

I got so excited from swimming in the sea I decided to take it seriously and bought swimming goggles.

Sad to say my intentions never materialised and I totally forgot about them.


βœ…Β What can be improved next month?


πŸ’‘Business development


In July I plan to catch up a little bit and go hard on my side projects.

I am also thinking about reviving my crypto bot due to recent surge in Bitcoin price.

Since I am out of vacation days I will have plenty time for developing new side projects.


πŸ’»Β Project development


Regarding my side projects, I want to add some features to my Flask MVP, because I repeatedly get same feature request every time I ask my visitors.

After improving Flask MVP, I want to finish refactoring my Django React MVP.

I am probably half way through code refactoring and I figured out the most daunting road blocks, like user authentication in Django React stack.

So it is about pushing my time and revise line by line until all files are rewritten.

I cannot postpone it any longer and just should ship this thing.

Wish me luck and see you in the next income report!

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