Welcome to my income report πŸ’° for April 2019

In April I have earned $138 in total.

A few bucks more over the previous month.

For second month in a row, I recorded zero active income. No hard work, no money as they say.

Time is precious and there is no time to work for others.

I’d rather invest my time into me and my projects, unless I am homeless and might die from starvation.



…is a month of persistence.

Weather is getting better, nature is blooming, events in Prague are popping out, girls are starting to show their beauty.

I was tempted to go out, instead of sitting at home in front of computer.

Luckily I managed to spend one weekend on the road to Slovakia, totally by accident.

This was the moment I realised, that traveling recharges me more than anything.

Sun, vitamin D, human interaction and just absorbing new experiences on my travels makes me a better person.

For one, you don’t have internet on the road, so you declutter yourself from social media and everyday noise.

You are forced to focus on one thing only, to survive.

You have plenty of time to reflect your inner thoughts, that bothered you subconsciously in every moment of your life.

You are constantly forced to push your comfort zone.

Is it stressful? Yes.

But traveling stress is different from the 9-5 job stress. Because, the problems you are solving on your travels actually matter and you deeply care about them.

I would recommend everyone to travel at least one time in a quarter, alone.


Good House Music Youtube Channel


Is my non profit project and it is going well.

At the end of April I gained 3 subscribers in total. Three is better than zero, right.

Since launching the channel, I uploaded 5 mixes in total.

Some are more successful, some are not so popular.

I noticed, that if the mix has a track from famous artists, then there is a little chance to be recommended by youtube.

This is crucial for gaining views.

Once my mix shows up in recommendation feed, viewers flows in at a stable pace.

I also started to focus on promoting my channel on the internet, preferably on Reddit, but without success so far.

People just play the mix and then leave.

I am not sure, it it is because of sound quality, the music style mismatch or other reasons.

Someone even disliked one of my mixes haha.

But that is understandable considering my tragic beat-matching skills.

With current producing and editing flow, I am able to produce 3 mixes a month.

The most time is consumed when rendering my youtube mix in After Effects.

It can take up to 100 hours to render 1 hour mix.

Crazy right?

Let’s see how will this play out.

Good house music youtube channel currently brings me the greatest joy.




Shipping and launching my first Flask MVP ever was the greatest achievement ever.

One, I learned to make fully functional Flask web page.

Second, I was forced to learn Linux and how to manage Ubuntu VPS.

The thing I feared the most for years.

Third, I shipped it in just 3 months with zero initial knowledge.

Now, I can ship a Flask MVPs under two months if I dedicate all my free time on development.

Having a functional VPS setup and local development environment helps a lot.

The next step for Financia.cz will be building back links, maintaining product data set and doing small improvements based on users feedback.

I never build link farms before and I don’t want to use restricted SEO practices.

So I can either post quality content to relevant forums or create a blog section and invest in quality content directly.

Maintaining data set will be a hard task.

Gathering data is done manually by visiting companies websites and reading their term sheets.

Not a fun thing to do, so I will update product data set once a month and hope nobody will notice.

Small improvements will be about improving user experience, e.g. adding clickable links to company logos.

The most anticipated change will be adding additional product types to product list.

So far user can only compare savings accounts, but I managed to collect product data for term deposits while on the road to Slovakia.

Financia has now a lower priority since it has been shipped, but I want to take small actionΒ  and move the needle every week if not every day.


πŸ’°Β Income Breakdown



πŸ’°Β P2P Lending


At the end of April, i was invested in over 600 loans.

Number of overdue loans has increased to alarmingly new highs.

At least I made a countermeasure to invest only in short loans with good ratings.

No more toxic B C D ratings.

I also stopped to pour in new money and just let it snowball itself.


βœ…Β What can be improved next month?


πŸ’‘Business development


In May I plan a long planned trip to Ukraine for two weeks, so I won’t be able to work on my projects.

My long term goals are still same.

Finish my Django React secret project first. Everything else is secondary.

The least I can do is to spend little time on building my brands everyday.

Be it writing a blog post, tweeting, posting on instagram, link building for Financia.cz, or working and promoting on my youtube channel.

Just choose one thing and execute it until its done.


πŸ’»Β Project development


With Flask MVP shipped, I freed myself a little bit and there is less on my plate right now.

Currently I am struggling with refactoring Django API to send data to authenticated users only.

I have ti figure out, how to get user ID in React from sessions token, that Django sends, and how to pass it with Axios to Django Rest API.

Then I have to overhaul all Django Rest API calls to take user ID into consideration.

Phew, still a lot of work to do.

Wish me luck and see you in the next income report!


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